Who We Serve

There are many tax preparation firms that claim to focus on specific professions within their practice. However, here at A. Francis & Associates, we work with PEOPLE not necessarily professions.

Multiple State Filers

As a practitioner who has prepared returns for two decades in NYC, you get to work with people from all walks of life. The way that many of their returns are prepared overlaps. Here’s an example:

What do professional athletes, partners in law firms, partners in architectural firms, partners in financial companies and professional management consultants have in common tax filing wise? On the surface, you might say absolutely nothing. 

However, you would be incorrect. They all have portions of their income annually that is generated in various states, cities, and municipal jurisdictions. So, filing returns in multiple states has developed into a niche for us with those and other professions.

This is why we do not limit the professions that we choose to work with at tax time. We need to speak to YOU and find out YOUR situation. No matter what profession you work in, you want an accountant to know YOU first and find out what works best for YOU.

International Clients

NYC has been the crossroads for many people in many professions from all over the globe. Since the firm sits within the crossroads, we have worked for over two decades with many individuals from every continent on the planet.

From Nonresident Aliens on H-1B, J-1, F-1, M-1, R, L, Q1 TN to U.S. citizens that work for stated periods abroad, these returns need to be prepared either by treaties, foreign income earned exclusions, foreign tax credits, or Dual Citizens who must file in both countries due to multiple citizenships.

Once again, these areas of filing are things that we have worked with for over two decades and can help you navigate your situation if you’re a non-citizen or plan to become one.


The biggest questions we get from clients about to retire are, “can I live on what I have saved, and will I pay a lot of tax still?” Obviously, when the wages stop, you want to make sure that your other sources of income, retirement plan savings, investment portfolios, and social security are maximized, while reducing the tax burden.  With 10,000 Baby Boomers hitting 65 every day, many in our tax practice as well, this is a valid concern. However, the Federal Reserve Board Survey of Consumer Finance has found that those 65 to 74 have amassed the highest net worth of ALL age groups, so many of you are prepared.  For those who have not, or just want to take a look under the hood, this is the type of tax planning we can help you navigate. There are many issues looming with our social programs, that may reduce the benefits that you expect to receive in the near future. So, sit down and have a chat now.